Our shop is a small business located at 19th and Lonsdale. The store is an establishment within the community and has existed for over 50 years. We sell eyeglass frames and lenses of the highest quality here. We cater to customers of all ages and are well-known for providing service with a personal touch. Many of our customers are now our close friends and we treat many of them like our own family. 

Our Story

Elaine and Libor Kriz are proud owners of North Shore Optical Services Ltd. North Shore Optical was established in 1961 by Francis and Daryl Baker and was a fixture in the Upper Lonsdale area under their ownership for 30 years! The store remains in it's original location, however on Dec 31,1991 Elaine and Libor Kriz took over ownership of North Shore Optical and changed the name to North Shore Optical Services Ltd. 55 years and going strong; a testament to the exceptional service and dedication to their clientele!